At E.J. Hoffman Custom Cabinetry, we offer a wide variety of wood options to fit your specific needs. Below are some general industry descriptions of the wood options we offer for your product.

CHERRY:  A hardwood with a noticeable grain pattern. Cherry has gum streaks and bird pecks or pinholes which are not filled in. It may range in color from a vanilla to a deep pink. Cherry darkens when exposed to any kind of light, especially for the first few years after production. This darkening effect will not be even and will be more noticeable in lighter stains. Newly manufactured cherry cabinets will not be the same color as aged cabinets, samples, or color blocks.

 KNOTTY ALDER:  A medium weight wood, pale yellow to light reddish brown color. Somewhat uniform color, pronounced contrast between end and surface grain. Knots will vary in size and tightness hut no holes through door will be present.

 KNOTTY PINE:  A softwood with a noticeable figure and open grain. Pine has considerable pitch that may ooze out at the surface after being finished. This may result in a slight pebbly surface which is a natural characteristic of pine. Some colors may change around knots. Pine is relatively low in resistance to shock.  Knotty Pine is distressed with hammer marks only.

 HICKORY:  A hardwood that has a dramatic color variation from light cream to dark gray.  Bird pecks or pinholes and small black or brown spots are acceptable characteristics in hickory.

 MAHOGANY:  A hardwood with a tight, indistinct grain pattern. It may range in color from light/medium brown to dark brown. It may also contain colors ranging from gray-brown to red.

 MAPLE:  A hardwood with a tight grain pattern. Maple may have quilting or burl marks as a result of undeveloped twigs before milling.

 QUARTER SAWN WHITE OAK:  Tan to greenish red to brown color, moderately straight grain due to quarter sawing, presents an antique look due to the fact that most antique oak furniture was quarter sawn.

 RED BIRCH:  A hardwood with tight, indistinct grain pattern. It may range in color from pink to reddish brown.  May contain some streaky grain pattern.

 RUSTIC CHERRY:  Same as standard cherry except that some sap wood will appear in face of doors and frames, along with knots of varying sizes and soundness.

 RED OAK:  A hardwood with a strong grain pattern. This pattern will range from tight knit to open blaze that may form a pointed design.  Occasional dark pieces of wood or sneaks known as “mineral” are common in furniture quality oak. Oak’s open grain enhances the stain and brings out the beauty of the wood.

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